Leomix Colorcards

Leomix Colorcards a collection of 4 colorcards designed in cooperation with a team of experts in the field of decoration and paints. Consumers have a choice of 4.110 shades for interior and exterior home decoration.

Leomix Prime edition 1700

A full selection of Classic and Decorative colors from classic off-whites to modern viv shades. 

Leomix Classic 1000 selection

A selections of more light colors.  Provides a variety of innovative and unique colors for interior and exterior use.

Leomix CK Color 1000

Leomix Deco 850 selection

A selection of modern colors . It is a functional fan deck resulting from a selection of the most popular colors for interior decoration and exterior use. Includes a chapter of harmony color combinations.

Leomix CK Color 850

Leomix fa├žade 260 collection

A selection of Exterior colors made only with Inorganic colorants from Ecotint.

Leomix CK Color 260

Leomix 300 pocket edition

A small fan deck selected and preferred by painters. 

Leomix CK Color 300